SMPS Atlanta Boot Camp – “How to Achieve the Nebulous Work/Life Balance — Preventing Burnout and Reducing Stress at Work”

Every week we are forced to deal with more, work with less staff and the pressure to get it done faster. It seems like there are less hours in each day and never enough time to get it all accomplished. This event helped attendees of you who are stressed or burned-out find a life balance.

Our speaker Brent DarnellPresident and Owner, Brent Darnell International. led participants through a number of powerful impact stress reducing techniques, including identifying what stressors de-charge our batteries and what we can do to recharge them. Brent taught attendees how to identify and combat stress triggers before they manifest in the form of low productivity, absenteeism, and illness. Participants also learned  basic recovery techniques to create a healthy work environment and increase energy and productivity.


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